"Ask the Loyales what their weddings are like and they’ll say the phrase “heart and soul” a lot.

They go with the flow like a living, breathing jukebox, full of expertly curated 45s, from the

chug-a-lug chords of Johnny Cash and British Invasion breakdowns of the Beatles to soul and R&B standards like James Brown, Etta James, and the O’Jays. Personalizing the party’s set list is no problem, but if you want a gang of multi-instrumentalists who aren’t afraid to tackle a few tangents, they’ll be able to read the room all night.”— NY Magazine


Possessing a musical depth and sonic chemistry rarely seen in a cover band, The Loyales are “like a living, breathing jukebox.” (New York Magazine.)   They love digging into obscure deep cuts, but always lean towards serving up recognizable, classic songs, that everyone can sing along to.


ORIGINALLY FORMED BY ACCLAIMED SINGER-SONGWRITER MILTON as his backing band, The Loyales soon found themselves taking on a flourish of private party invitations from Milton’s fans.  Milton & the band’s list of cover songs grew almost as quickly as it’s client list. They have since gone on to pick up event industry awards and countless happy client reviews, but perhaps the strongest indications of the band’s talents are the referrals from fellow industry vendors who endorse the band for their own clients, year after year.  The Loyales are truly different from the traditional, cookie-cutter cover bands.

“Absolute dream wedding band”


”Nobody left the dance floor til we kicked them out”


”The guests will not stop talking about how fun this band was.”


THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THE LOYALES is bandleader & vocalist Milton.  The critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter’s musical appetite started very early-on, as a kid in New York City.  The adolescent-Milton spent all of his free time and extra cash at Manhattan’s once ubiquitous record stores. Genre never interested him.  Hype never interested him. What always interested Milton was how music moved people.  He developed an intelligent ear and an open heart very early on. Again and again, he found himself coming back to those tracks that overflowed with soul, and bounced with tight grooves -- whether or not the record was well-known.  Milton cared most about how music FELT, and how it was made. His keen ears and vast knowledge helped form the foundation of The Loyales’ eclectic repertoire.  


One important way in which The Loyales may be different from a typical cover band: THE LOYALES LISTEN AS MUCH AS THEY PLAY.  They listen to new song recommendations, and they listen to their clients, especially regarding what inspires their dancing the most.  The Loyales repertoire list keeps growing and changing today, as they are invited into family celebrations and dance parties again and again.  Milton is still as inspired by what moves people as his teenaged-self was.  


CUSTOM PLAYLISTS: All Loyales parties are customized.  Armed with their vast repertoire list, plus special, custom song requests, the Loyales’ party playlists are carefully curated in tandem with clients, to maximize the fun at each specific party, and most of all, to inspire each party’s unique guest list to DANCE.  They pride themselves on bringing something unique to each event.


THE LOYALES play in a myriad of configurations to accommodate venues, settings, genre preferences and atmosphere. The most common is their 6- to 9- PIECE SOUL EXTRAVAGANZA, the with the largest of the configurations featuring horn section and added vocals. But they can accommodate smaller event productions as well.  Their 4 PIECE “Unplugged” STRING BAND is a seriously unique ensemble utilizing a core of The Loyales musicians on mandolin, upright bass, acoustic, guitar, percussion, and 3-part harmonies. 


GENRE-WISE, The Loyales can do a full night of Reggae, Classic Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Soul, R&B, Blues, Pop and Jazz. Groovy is groovy. No matter what style or artist The Loyales are covering, you can be sure it's going to be fun, it's going to sound warm, and it's going to feel GOOD.



THE LOYALES string band plays Brook Benton's Hotel Happiness

THE LOYALES 9 piece band plays Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell's Little Ole Boy, Little Ole Girl